– Atul Khanna, Director, ICE Centre of Excellence and GCCA India. TFT : On organising ICE Expo, what do you expect from this event to achieve? Atul Khanna :

  1. To achieve awareness on Cold Chain Applications: Advanced technology for value addition.
  2. To discuss new technical dimensions and schemes.
  3. To recommend policy initiatives and promotional schemes for Cold Chain Sector in India.
  4. To review the challenges and the need in the Indian Cold Chain to discuss the possible solutions.
  5. To bring all the key stakeholders together to be the part of the Cold Chain Development in the country.
  6. To create a base for business collaborations and networking to provide opportunities for Indian as well as International players.
TFT : How can ICE Expo create a positive outcome for the stakeholders of ICE Expo? Atul Khanna : ICE showcases complete range of cold chain technologies and solutions on one platform. The exhibition, conference and award’ night provides an opportunity for modern cold chain, logistics, retail and other related industries to identify new trends, discuss new ideas, witness latest innovations, view a wide range of products specific to the industry. Moreover through ICE Seminar, we aim:
  1. To best utilize Government support in the Indian Cold Chain Industry
  2. To get the opportunity of networking with the entire cold chain industry.
  3. To get upgraded with latest trends & technologies in the Cold Chain, followed globally.
  4. To implement best practices for better efficiency, learnt from industry leaders.
  5. To implement strategies, processes and solutions to enhance the efficiency of temperature control storage and distribution.
  6. To explore best practices on how to reduce costs whilst keeping product quality intact for various product types and quantities.
TFT : Thank you for the answer,do you think the visitors will make a good number at the event, if yes, what is the expected footfalls at ICE Expo? Atul Khanna : Roughly around 1500 visitors from all the aspects of cold chain industry. TFT : The turn over from a show is considered to be vital for a successful event, what was the revenue inquiries from last edition of ICE Expo? Atul Khanna : This is something that we cannot share as it is strictly confidential with our clients. TFT : Are there companies participating at ICE Expo , other than Indian subcontinent, if yes can you elaborate more on this? Atul Khanna : Yes, from the USA, France, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Hongkong, Bangladesh and Nepal. TFT : Is ICE Expo an annual property, can you talk a little on frequency of the ICE Expo? Atul Khanna : Yes, it is organized annually in the month of November or December. TFT : Please share the market place of ICE Expo? Atul Khanna :
  • Indian Fruit and Vegetable Businesses
  • Food Processing Businesses
  • Fisheries Department
  • Dairy Industry
  • Warehouse / Cold Storage Owners
  • Representatives of Growers Association of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Refrigeration and Cold Chain Equipment and technology suppliers
  • Cold Logistics players like shipping lines, Transporters, Container Companies, Warehousing Agents, Supply Chain Solution Providers, Ports- Indian and international.
  • Large format retailers and wholesalers
  • Academic and Research Institutions
  • Government organizations
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Consultants from the relevant spheres who are interested in knowledge building.
  • Packaging Service Providers
  • Specialized Equipment Providers
  • Refrigeration Solution Providers
  • Seafood Companies
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
TFT : What was the volume of business generated by the ICE held in the last year ? Atul Khanna : N.A.>



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