Q 1 – What educational background, Company, Designation and experience do you have?

Ans : Interface data and design has been in existence now for more than two and a half decades in the service of the trade show industry providing sepcialiased attendee Registration solutions

Q 2 – Tell us about GED, What was the main idea of it, which audience did you want to attract and which role objects played?

Ans : The objective of encouraging all to join in and make it GED as large as possible is to put the exhibiton industry in limelight   in public space as much as possible. Trade shows is really a great advertising platform no other medium provides metrics, face-to-face, touch and feel like this medium. It’s critical that as a industry we need to promote the industry as well GED can be a great platform to celebrate, to bring the industry together and also  help promote itself in public domain

Q 3 – Why and how have you chosen to work for GED2018?

Ans : GED Mumbai is a absolute zero money transaction event this edition has more than 50+ contributors from within the Industry coming together with great support from BEC, Nesco and IEIA as well.Each of these contributors are pitching in not for any self glory but purely for the love of the industry

Q 4 – Tell us more about space and time concepts in GED2018? What do you expect from an Audience?

Ans : The theme for GED 18 Mumbai is Safety Safety first is a important issue that needs to be driven. Every life is important. Falling returns due to unhealthy cost based competition leads to safety being compromised often.  GED 18 Mumbai also aims at addressing a couple of other issues like Industry status for the exhibition industry and attracting new talent to the industry