The 5th edition of Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair (DJGF) 2016, hosted by UBM India, once again brought back top-notch jewellers, import & export merchants and industry associations in the capital city. The three day fair had a grand opening at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi amidst an august industry gathering. Neetu Nigam spoke to Pankaj Shende, the Project Director at UBM India for Jewellery and CBME portfolios, excerpts from the exclusive interview follows.

TFT : If you can throw some lights on Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair?
Pankaj : The exhibition is organized by UBM, which organises more than four hundred and fifty exhibitions in a year across the world. In India, we organise about twenty four exhibitions in a year and Jewellery is one of our biggest.
We organize four shows on the subject each year, one each in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. In regards to the Delhi , this is the 5th edition of exclusive B2B show. The event caters to the northern geography of the country, where Jewellers from UP, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab exhibit their display. Over two hundred and fifty companies are participating in this edition. There are manufacturers of diamond jewellery, gold jewellery and loose diamonds present in the exhibition. This is a very exclusive platform where jewellers are showcasing a variety of jewellery, whether it’s handmade, machine made or customised.

TFT : What is different on display and content in the 5th edition?
Pankaj : Good spread of machinery, exhibitors dedicated to the technology & machinery part of jewellery industry on one part, the other being interactive sessions including the seminar by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) on the spot light of synthetic diamond.We did an award show too where we had close to 450 nominations. Even the categories were very unique and different.

TFT : Another event that took place on similar industry, just before DGGF here, What according to you was different from UBM as compared to the other exhibition?
Pankaj : We are an International company. Very well connected to the jewellers. As I mentioned before, we have jewellers, we have a variety of display and most professional way of organising an event , we really don’t want to compare ourselves with any other organiser. We try our “best to deliver the best”.

TFT: Don’t you feel that if both the organisers partner with each other , the exhibition on such subject can be more advantageous for the industry?
Pankaj : Yes you are right. Even we proposed this idea to the other organizers but they somehow did not feel this appropriate. Their call. When we are in business, some strategies work, some don’t.We can only try which sometime works and most of the time does not work.

TFT: What is your take on the footfalls ? There seems to be very few customers and buyers among them ?
Pankaj : As an organizer my responsibility is to give footfall, not buyers. It’s the exhibitor’s responsibility to convert them into buyers. There is always mixed responses. However the feedback I have received from exhibitors is very encouraging and satisfying too.

TFT: When TFT spoke to exhibitors, a lot of them said that last edition was better compared to this year. Your comments ?
Pankaj : The response also depends on the market conditions, The last year’s jewellery market was good as compared to this year,hence,the difference, this year a lot of negative things have happened with the sector , perhaps, that could be the reason of the feedback.

TFT : The big brands like D’damas, Tanishq etc ar not seen on the display?
Pankaj : Actually these brands are not the jewellers per say, but the retailers. However, if you talk about other retailers and manufacturers all big brands like Solanki, Damara etc are present here.

TFT: What about the next edition in Chennai. How is the preparation going ?
Pankaj : So far everything is going good and smooth. Most of the leading exhibitors from the south will be present at the event. We expect more than three hundred exhibitors participating,thus making the Chennai edition as south India’s biggest jewellery show. Then we have december edition which is pegged to be the biggest sectorial show in South Asia where the exhibitors from Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan etc. have confirmed their participation.