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“NISS will benefit exhibitors to get access to their direct clients”

PRAMOD MIGLANI, President Indian Industries Association (IIA).

TFT :Congratulations on organising North India Solar Summit 2014, what do you expect from this event to achieve?
Pramod Miglani : North India is home to about 400 million consumers, one of the largest markets for solar. There is a lot of interest in solar power as that is providing the most apropos solution both in rural as well as urban areas. The aim is to bring the manufacturers & suppliers of the solar products in direct contact with the actual customers. This will give the manufacturers a great opportunity to interact with the customers and address their concerns. This will also get the consumers a great opportunity too to clarify their doubts from the manufacturers / suppliers directly.

TFT : How can North India Solar Summit 2014 create a positive outcome for the stakeholders?
Pramod Miglani : It will benefit the exhibitors as they will get direct access to the dealers, buyers, project developers, residential & commercial customers. IIA which is the organizing body itself has more than 5500 members who all have evinced a lot of interest in the solar power. The sponsors will get a lot of visibility as the market is picking up and we are convinced that North India will not only be the largest market in India but may be in the world too. There is power shortage and solar is the only form of renewable energy which can satisfy the requirements from a single Watt to MW basis.

TFT : What is the number of footfalls do you expect at North India Solar Summit 2014?
Pramod Miglani : We are expecting a footfall of more than ten thousand people. As the event is being publicized heavily the footfalls may go even higher.

TFT : I am sure you must have the calculated the outcome of the North India Solar Summit 2014 last edition, what was the volume of the business generated?
Pramod Miglani : This is the first edition of this summit in this region & as such it has generated a lot of interest in the event.

TFT : The name of North India Solar Summit 2014 look truley international, how many countries are participating at this edition of North India Solar Summit 2014?
Pramod Miglani : Yes we have an impressive line of exhibitors who are going to showcase their world-class products. To name a few viz. Chemtrols Solar, Hensel Electric , Arka Solar, Akshaya Solar, Startling Solar, Alpex Solar, Indygreen Technologies, etc and many more.

TFT : Is North India Solar Summit 2014 an annual property, can you talk a little on frequency of the North India Solar Summit 2014?
Pramod Miglani : This will be annual event & will be held every year, tentatively in Lucknow, UP.