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Survey reveals most Indian organisers wants establishment of Exhibition Organisers Council in India


By M Q Syed with inputs from TFT Team

A survey being carried out by TradeFairTimes uncovered that most of the domestic Exhibition Organizers are in need of a ‘Organiser’s Council’ to get their issues addressed quicker and in progressively powerful way. 37 Organisers reacted to the ‘Day One’ of the study which is available to get reactions till 21st April 2020 to come out with increasingly far reaching information and input on the subject.

92.9 percent of those reacted to the survey are Indian organizers; while 7.1 percent respondents are Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies/ organisers with international partnerships.

84.6 percent of organisers felt that there is need of a ‘Exhibition Industry Council in India’ to address key issues faced by the organisers and to additionally support them to grow their businesses. Similarly, same 84.6 percent needed government support and subsidies to survive their respective businesses post COVID 19 lock down as against 15.4 % who said no support from government was needed.

61.5 percent of the respondents were members of trade and industry associations as against 38.5 % who were not associated with any Industry Association.

All 100 percent respondents were in no dispute with any Venue, Service Provider, Contractor and other organisers of which 90.09 percent of respondents didn’t want to seek help of any arbitration in case of any dispute with their service providers, venues or contractors.

All respondents were eager to be part of the Organiser’s Council . 46.2 percent of them wanted to be in National Executive, 23.1 percent in State Executive, 23.1 percent in Management Committee, and 30.8 percent as Ordinary Members None of them – for not willing to join. Among the respondents were Directors, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Directors, COO’s & Trustees of respective organisations.

 Industry needs a boost & Recognition

Exhibitions as an industry needs a boost. Considering the amount of revenue directly and indirectly generated by the organizers for over fifty sectors, If we are under a unified platform we could enjoy special benefits / rates “Feels one of the major tradeshow organizer of the country”

Logistics Services

“We are an Indian company and predominantly organizing exhibitions out of India in other countries Our exhibitors face lots of problem in transporting machines and other good and bringing” Said and an organizer who organizes more shows abroad than in India

Support System

“Lack of Industry Association Support. Government support for getting subsidies in Venues, Advertising, Sponsorships from various government departments” Felt most of the respondents

Expensive Venues

Costly venues, specially in major metros, no support from the Venue and GST slabs is the general feedback by most of the organisers.


Venue pricing and competition with international organisers is another key issue raised by a domestic organiser

Likely challenges to be faced by organisers post COVID 19 lockdown

Marketing & Promotion

Organising road shows for promotions of the shows and difficulties to invite trade delegations pan India and international will take a big hit.


Even is event is sold, visitors footfall will be a key challenge

Difficulties Dealing with Exhibitors

Budgetary issues for Sponsorship and exhibitors acquisition. Advance collected from exhibitors for the show postponed/canceled – many of them asking for refund

Losses Due to Cancellations / Cash flow

Revenue losses due to cancellation of events. Retention of Employees and cash flow to remain in business.


Local corporation, state, central government may disallow holding an exhibition even after granting the permissions

Health and Safety

Safety trust issues will continue to dominate the exhibitions for all stakeholders’ for at least two to three years. Added costs for health and safety measures of exhibitor and visitors

Hot dates and Theme Protection

There would be be issues of clashes of dates and non availability of venues for similar subjects of exhibitions,

Negative Growth

Most of the sectors where Exhibition Organisers are active will be in a negative growth so will be the exhibition sector. It will take a minimum of one year to come back to the normal course post the lockdown.

If you are an Exhibition Organiser, please be part of this survey and do respond on the below link.