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“We Need To Pursue The Government Of India For Industry Status For The Indian Exhibition Industry.”

– Mr. (late) Darryl Dasilva is CEO – MMI India Pvt. Ltd., and would join the CEO’s Round Table discussing “Identifying the Key Drivers of India’s Exhibition Industry Over the Next Decade”.

While talking to TradeFair Times on his expectations from this years’ IEIA Open Seminar, Mr. (late) Darryl Dasilva spoke on the urgency of pursuing with the Governments the various issues that has been hampering the rapid growth of the Tradefair Industry.

TFT : What do you expect from this year ’s IEIA Open Seminar ?
Darryl Dasilva : I look forward to hearing from peers on the latest developments in the Indian Trade Fair industry, the global trends and best practices, the scope for the growth and consolidation of the Indian Trade fair Industry, and most importantly the long term growth potential of the Indian Trade Fair Industry. I would also look forward to hearing success stories from the M&A space as also the use of emerging new avenues like the internet to reach out more effectively to a larger audience.

TFT : According to you , where will the Indian Exhibition Industry be at 2020?
Darryl Dasilva : In India the exhibition Industry is still fragmented, although there is fierce competition, but exhibition organisers are coming together and are striving hard for the betterment of the industry. Many big players in the industry are buying out small organisers and this will continue. Also, the Government of India would recognise the trade fairs as an industry; however, this will take some time and efforts from IEIA and its members.

TFT : How do you think the IEIA would help the Indian Exhibition Industry ?
Darryl Dasilva : I believe the mandate for the IEIA would be to provide a strong unified platform to address a plethora of issues facing the fragmented and nascent Indian Exhibition Industry. The primary objective would be to pursue the Government of India for industry status for the Indian exhibition industry. It should aspire to be an enabler and a platform for sharing best practices, innovations and global trends. IEIA should also be at the forefront of promoting the Indian exhibition industry at global forums like UFI, and positioning India as the next big destination for global shows. On the home front it could be the catalyst for more Government involvement and investment in new world class Trade Fair venues.