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“WEA helps organizers to deal with a complete, effective, competent and reliable sales/agents network around the world” – Claudio Cottone

Claudio Cottone, CEO and Founder of Worldwide Exhibitions Agency GmbH, talks with TFT in a one on one. He shares his thoughts about WEA including a new JV Partnership Agreement with EXHICON Group.”


TFT – What is the objective and background of WEA?

CC – WEA – Worldwide Exhibitions Agency GmbH is the first independent global network, created to serve the Exhibition and Events Industry.

WEA was born from my intuition of 30 years’ worth experience dedicated to the exhibitions/show representative field in collaboration with major international organizers and Government around the world.   


TFT – What was the need of founding WEA in current exhibition market scenario?

CC – The Exhibition Industry is continuously transforming and evolving but organizers maintain a very simple and dramatic need to solve two of their major concerns:

  • The Exhibitors and Visitors recruitment activity
  • To create, manage and maintain an efficient worldwide sales/agents network

With its goal to have agents and representatives in offices all over the world, WEA finally represents the perfect tool available to the organizers to obtain such a kind of solution in a global way but at a very affordable and reasonable cost.


TFT – How big is the network and agent offices?

CC – As stated, the goal of WEA is to cover all countries around the world, however, with over 50 countries falling in Asia, we have a minimum target of a network in one hundred countries. Also, thanks to the new partnership with Exhicon Group, WEA Network is already counting over fifty countries and regional agents/offices in Asia.


TFT – What are the major sectors WEA is catering to?

CC – Though, WEA GmbH is bound to serve more than fifty sectors for the worldwide exhibitions. At the moment WEA is focusing its efforts on seven main macro sectors:

  • Food & Beverages – Agricultural
  • Tourism
  • Building and Construction
  • Energy
  • Pharma
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Engineering

WEA plans to cover all countries around the world. As of now, the agents and network offices are being established in hundred countries around the world.  


TFT – How would organizers benefit with WEA services?

CC – WEA helps organizers to deal with a complete, effective, competent and reliable sales/agents network around the world. Our network is also including the major services suppliers that we are selecting with a very scrupulous criteria of quality and seriousness.

This is also to grant all the international exhibitors and visitors a top level supply on all needed services when participating to shows/exhibitions represented by our network.


TFT – What’s your take on WEA Partnership with Exhicon Group?

CC – The new JV Partnership Agreement recently signed with Exhicon Group will help to tremendously boost the development activity of WEA Network in Asia.

Exhicon Group is actually recognized as one of the most performing Indian companies in the media and exhibition sector. In the last few years their performances in many ASEAN countries confirmed their vocation to the internationality which is also our main predisposition consequently making this partnership even more important.