BREAKING : More than 100 Exhibition Organisers in India come together to form Exhibition Organisers Council

“More than one hundred Exhibition Organisers have come together to form ‘Exhibition Organisers Council’ to step up with solutions to support the Exhibition Organizing sector”.

Organisers from varied backgrounds such as Industry Associations, Business Chambers, Trade Bodies, Trusts, Large Exhibition Organisers, Small and Medium Scale Organisers, and MSME organisers have got together to form this unique and ‘Organiser Centric’ Council.

The council will establish working partnershipswith Governments, Federations, EPC’s, Other chambers to address common and critical issues to ensure a thriving exhibition Organsing sector in India. The council will also work closely with venues & services to extend solutions and support to Exhibition Organisers.

The Founding members will meet over a ‘Web Conference’ on 24thApril to further the cause of the initiative. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is posing unprecedented challenges for the Exhibition sector and thus a dedicated platform for organisers in India became even more pertinent.

Main objectives pursued by the Council on its incorporation are: 

  • To bring together all the exhibition organizers and managers, whether private or public organization, associations, councils, government agencies in India, on a common platform in order to find  working solution for the development of the exhibition organising industry.
  • To form a collective forum for discussion and negotiation with governments, venues, vendors and contractors, provide one-stop source of information pertaining to exhibition industry.
  • To represent the exhibition organisers in all matters, nationally and internationally in relation to Government, media and the public.
  • Represent to Government to provide a level playing field by making available all Government schemes and providing equal opportunity for organising/managing government events to all organisers.
  • To share best practices amongst the members, promote the exhibition industry as an effective marketing tool nationally and internationally, organise training programmes, activities, workshops, seminars for the benefit of its members and industry at large.
  • To carry out surveys and studies for providing statistics and information to the members and industry, formulate and implement standards, practices, code of ethics and audit guidelines for the overall development and credibility of the trade shows.
  • Protect and promote the common interest of its members and do all other things as may be considered by the Council to be incidental or conducive for the benefit of its members and industry at large.




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