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TFT February 2021


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Dear Readers,

February has been a great month of hopes for Indian Exhibition Industry. The February 2021 which started with Aero Show Benguluru and concluded with Acetech Mumbai created a wave of positive sentiments in the industry.

The Exhibition Industry should be especially thankful to ABEC, India’s leading private sector organisers for taking a huge risk to lead the face-to- face exhibitions in the country.

While Aero India, India Auto Show (Organized by NESCO Exhibitions) have definitely worked all positive for the Industry. The lowering cases of COVID 19 and Vaccination program of the government have also provided some hopes for the sector.

However, organizers are more cautious now. Recognizing how quickly circumstances can evolve, they are admitting that unexpected events could mess up their scheduled events.

New situations are also popping up that no one expected — for example, the mutated virus, the international organizers were all hoping that everything would be back to normal, or at least doable. But the situation is still not that great for most of the organisers.

Everyone is even more cautious because no one knows what else might come up, the questions are still being asked if there could be more waves, and are there more mutant viruses that we can’t control? Is the vaccine able to stop the virus? And so there are many open questions which are forcing the majority of the organisers to postpone scheduled events during 2021.

Most trade shows take around six months of planning and the uncertainty around Covid-19 is making this hard. Overall, the pandemic has resulted in fewer shows taking place around the world.

M Q Syed,